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‘Legal Experts’ Whitesplain Why Breonna Taylor’s Killers Haven’t Been Charged

Tuesday marked the 144th day since officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department recklessly executed Breonna Taylor in her own home nearly five months ago on March 13. However, according to a couple of legal experts interviewed by the Associated Press, we should probably not hold our breaths waiting for Taylor’s killers to be arrested […]

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Graphic Video Shows ‘White Supremist’ Trump Supporter Assaulting Woman: ‘The Aryan Nation Will Rule The World’

Source: Twitter / @davenewworld_2 A new viral video on social media was serving as the latest apparent proof of the president’s ability to not only incite racial hatred among his supporters but also inspire them to act out violently because of that racism. At least, that seemed to be the case on the brief clip […]

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Nevada passes policing bills, including a ban on chokeholds

Progressive advocates say one of the bills doesn’t go far enough to weaken protections for officers facing misconduct allegations CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada took its first steps toward joining the growing number of state legislatures throughout the United States that have revisited laws governing police conduct in light of the death of George […]