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Beyoncé makes $1 million dollar donation to Black businesses

Beyoncé has done it again. From using her platform to speak to the masses about current social issues, to transforming her website into a marketplace for Black businesses, Beyoncé is all about uplifting the community. The superstar, who is known for making significant financial contributions to important causes, is now taking her commitment a step… […]

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John Boyega responds after Michael Rapaport says he should be ‘grateful’ for ‘Star Wars’

Michael Rapaport did not feel John Boyega’s experiences were unique to Black actors While Michael Rapaport may pride himself on being a fan of Black culture, recently John Boyega called out the white actor for attempting to whitesplain his experience as a Black lead in Star Wars. In a recent interview with British GQ, Boyega revealed […]

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Gabrielle Union says recent events taking a toll on her mental health

Gabrielle Union‘s post-traumatic stress disorder has been “on 10” for several months. The 47-year-old actress has revealed that the coronavirus pandemic and recent unrest in the U.S. have taken their toll on her mental health. She shared: “The combination of a pandemic and this racial reckoning, alongside being inundated with [images of] the brutalization of… […]

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Nickelodeon Accused Of Culturally Appropriating ‘Hair Love’ With New Animated Show ‘Made By Maddie’

An upcoming animated TV series about a little Black girl is being accused of culturally appropriating a similarly styled short film as a promotional push for the new show has prompted comparisons for all the wrong reasons. “Made By Maddie, which is set to premiere later this month on Nickelodeon‘s Nick Jr. channel, is about […]