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Janelle Monae rants against sexism in music, religion and other institutions

Singer Janelle Monae has long been an advocate of equal rights, and has never been shy on her stances against racism, sexism and discrimination toward the LGBTQ community. Monae has always included social commentary in her work. As a singer, she promotes feminist ideals on albums like Electric Lady and Dirty Computer. Her TV show […]

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Black descendant of Thomas Jefferson recreates image of complicated ancestor for photo shoot

A Black descendant of a founding father and early president of the United States dressed as his ancestor for a photoshoot published in the newest edition of Smithsonian Magazine. Shannon LaNier posed for an image that has been published alongside that of his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence, which led to […]

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Black militia marches through Georgia Confederate park on July 4: ‘I’m in yo’ house’

A group of mostly Black and mostly armed protesters descended on a Confederate memorial park in Georgia Saturday to stage a demonstration on the Fourth of July, Reuters reports. Video footage of the scene posted to social media shows about 200 militia members, identified as “Not F**king Around Coalition” (NFAC), marching through Stone Mountain Park, according […]

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Protest group sets American flag afire near White House on Independence Day

President Donald Trump has had nothing but scathing things to say about the protesters around the country, particularly those that continue to rally outside the White House. On Saturday, some of those demonstrators decided to fight fire with fire, literally. As reported by The Hill, a group of demonstrators gathered at Black Lives Matter Plaza […]

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Former neo-Nazi says Trump shows a ‘pattern’ of alignment with white supremacy

While many people, especially minorities, believe that President Donald Trump sympathizes with white supremacy, one former white supremacist has spoken out saying that he believes it as well. Christian Picciolini, a reformed neo-Nazi who now does work to deter extremism, in an interview with NPR‘s “Morning Edition” last week expressed that the president has a […]